"There were rave reviews about his Oven Roasted Copper River Salmon all around the table."

- Stasia (Seattle, WA)

"Pro-active and conscientious are two of his greatest strengths. He seeks out opportunities and never leaves anything half done."

- Dr. Virginia A. Bennett, PhD, RD, CD
retired Assistant Professor at Central Washington University

"Amos far exceeded my expectations in his ability to plan and execute his responsibilities at camp. He used critical thinking, planning, and assessment skills that were invaluable to attaining the best possible outcomes for campers and staff. Amos demonstrated a wonderful ability to assess needs and engage staff in cooperative decision-making, then apply appropriate solutions to the benefit of campers and staff, even under stressful situations. Amos was totally a life-saver to me when our other RD wasn't able to make it to camp at the last minute."

- Deborah Jackson, RD, CD, Med, CDE
Head Dietitian at Camp Leo (for Children with Diabetes)

"Thoughtful, grounded, compassionate"

- Tiffany Felch, MS, RD, CSR
Renal Dietitian

"Amos has a strong work ethic and was very professional in his dealing with students and staff. He put together a very good presentation about fiber for our high school class."

- Bob Gibson
Tumwater (WA) School District Nutrition Services Director

"Amos prepared delicious appetizers and dinners for our Thanksgiving parties a couple of times when we lived in Park City. Hiring Amos freed up ample time to entertain our guests and watch football. If we still lived in the area, we would certainly hire him again. Highly recommended!"

- Kevin Eder and Renee Deluca (Altlanta)

"Amos's unique skill set distinguishes him as an exceptional candidate in the Dietetics profession."

- Delali Agordoh, RD

"We both love Amos's cooking. His food is absolutely delicious, especially his Salad Spring Rolls with Baked Tofu, Avocado and Cilantro Peanut Sauce"

- Debbi and Osmond Crosby (Park City, Utah)